Training Courses

You can shape your career as you like because there is a big list of courses that we have and you can choose among them, because we strongly recommend the course which suits the personality of a person.

For examples if someone loves to help old age people or people who cannot help themselves, we would strongly recommend Aged care course because that the course which would keep that student happy helping the people they love.

Another example is if someone loves to design walls but not clothes so with a few more questions we would love to give that person the course of interior designing.

If a person chooses a course as per his/her personality that would give him the interest to that person and he/she would be excited to complete it having fun throughout the course and our business associates would love to hire experts with passion.

There is a long list of course that we provide, below mentioned are a few of them-

Construction white card
Forklift licence
Remove asbestos (class A)
Remove asbestos (class B)
Rigging licence
RSA (responsible service of alcohol)
Senior first aid
Aged care course
Child care course

We cannot even type in the whole list here, So do not wait because there is a big list of opportunity waiting for you, and we will do everything to give you the top place in the industry.


21326 is a nationally recognized training course provider across Australia.

We have a huge range of courses which are also nationally accredited. We have strong relations with wide range of industries through which we provide vocational training to our students.

We Provide students with best of the trained and expert trainers sharing their real life experiences and their education. We have hired them on the basis of their experience and quality of training they provide to ensure your success.

Providing the best education through the right study material and quality resource has been our primary goal ever since. 21326 helps students by providing them with full backup and support when needed.

We Keep a track of our own courses and keep updating and adding new courses in order to keep expanding our view of education and to help people finding the right course to develop and grow.

There is a huge market out there and we are ready to train you and see you on the top of the list, with us you will be having a career ahead and will be a key to each other’s success.


Welcome to 21326. Stay tuned on blog posts about our training providers and course.